why I can't login to wavlink ?

To access wifi.wavlink.com login, type or wifi.wavlink.com in the URL bar of your web browser and then tap enter and the wavlink login page will visible on your screen.
Make sure you should delete the cache files and cookies from your web browser.
As every network device have their own IP address, so you can always use default IP of wavlink which is or type wifi.wavlink.com which is the default address for wavlink log in.

What Is wifi.wavlink.com?

Here, we will discuss some of the technical aspects of Wavlink extender which is also called Netbox extender. Also, we will discuss two of the common setup methods for the wavlink extender. One is through wifi.wavlink.com and the second method is using the WPS button. Let’s start with the setup process without wasting the time.The wavlink local setup wizard helps to configure the router by following the certain steps to connect to the internet.

Follow the steps to do manual setup:

  • Connect a computer to your router’s network. You can also set in the computer settings to obtain the IP address itself.
  • You need to use the SSID and password printed on the bottom of the router to make connection with the router.
  • You can use an ethernet cable to make the wired connection. Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Type wifi.wavlink.com/ap.setup or use the alternate IP address. A login page will open.
  • Select the language in which you want to perform the setup. Then enter admin in both username and password field. This is the default credentials used for wavlink wifi range extender setup.
  • You will see the dashboard and here click on manual setup and follow the instructions for the setup.
  • If you face any issues while doing so then get in touch with one of our technicians. They are available 24/7 for help.

WPS Wavlink Repeater Setup

For WPS setup, you need to make sure your router has a WPS button. Otherwise, it is not possible. You have to follow manual setup if there is no WPS button on your router. If it has then follow the instructions given below.

  • Make sure you know where the WPS button exists on your router as well as extender before starting. Need help? Get in touch with us.
  • Press the WPS button on your router and within two minutes press the WPS button on wavlink extender.
  • Wait till the LED on your wavlink extender changes to solid blue. This indicates the connection is successful. If you see wavlink purple light then there is something going wrong and connection is not established.
  • The connection is successful and you can start using the internet. This method no doubt is very easy compared to the manual method but you need your router to support WPS to do so.

If you want to know wavlink ac1200 repeater setup, then follow the same steps mentioned above. No need to find anywhere else. We just make things easy for you. This is one website where you find all the solutions for wavlink troubleshooting as well as wavlink extender setup. Even our technicians are familiar with wavlink router setup, wavlink router password, wavlink router ip address and other wavlink router topics. You can give us a call to discuss.

How to connect Wavlink to Wifi?

After the successful connection, you need to connect your computer to the wifi network so that you can access the internet in the dead zone areas. So, here we will be discussing how you can connect to the internet in short. Follow the guidelines given below.

  • Open your computer and find the SSID and password printed on the bottom of your wavlink extender.
  • Go to wifi settings on your computer or see in the notification window in the toolbar. You will see the SSID of your extender. Click on it and will ask you for a password.
  • Open http //ap.setup admin. Enter the wifi password of the network and click connect.
  • In a few seconds, you will be connected to the network. You can try typing a web address and accessing the internet. If you can mean it is successful.

Wavlink Extender Not working

There can be many reasons for the wavlink extender not working. We will discuss every possibility and the solutions for the same. Before starting the process, make sure you know the network name and password for the device. Try the solutions in line to solve this issue.

  • Make sure your device that is a computer is obtaining a IP address within the range so that your router can recognize it. This is very important if you want it to work.
  • Make sure you are entering the correct password for your network. Sometimes, if the user forgets what the password is then you will not be able to connect to your network. But you can find the password if one of your devices is still connected to the wifi network. To know more about how to find that, call us.
  • If you are not able to find the password then you can always create a new SSID for the network that you can use to connect to the network. To know more, get in touch with us.
  • Maybe you need to change the channel of the device to connect to it. If you know how to do this, try once.
  • Changing the security channel or settings can help in solving this issue as well. We recommend WPA or WPA2 for better connection.
  • How do I reset my Wavlink extender?
    • This is the next step to solve this problem. You can follow the same procedure if you want to reset the wavlink extender.
    • Find the reset button on the extender and press it using a paperclip and count 8. Then release the button and you will see LED changing colours and be stable after a while. This is the time reset is done. All the settings will be set to default after resetting.
  • If you tried all these and the problem still occurs then try updating the firmware for any bug fixing. For further help, get in touch with us. You can use our chat window to chat with the technicians and they can call you to solve the issue. So no charges will apply to you for calling.

Wavlink Mesh Setup

Wavlink mesh setup has the latest technology which makes the setup process so easy. Using a single touch you can setup and connect devices to the network. It has Touch link technology which enables you to set up the device just by bringing the device near to the router. Only activate the touch link on your router. To manage the mesh router, simply download the wavlink app on your phone. This enables you to change the settings using one touch. The good thing is wavlink mesh router is compatible with any internet service provider. If you face any issue in connecting to the mesh router then contact our authorized customer care team.

Wavlink Troubleshooting

To solve this query, follow the troubleshooting tips we are providing here. If you need any suggestion or help then we are here to help you. Check out these points to resolve this particular issue.

We have provided two troubleshooting methods for any problem you have.

1.One is reset the extender or router: Search the reset button on the extender and press it using a paperclip and count 8. Then release the button and you will see LED changing colours and be stable after a while. This is the time reset is done. All the settings will be set to default after resetting.

2.The other one is updating the firmware if needed. Go to the wavlink website and find the model number of your extender or router. Select the model number and this will further show if firmware update is available or not. If you need help in finding out the firmware for your router or extender then we can help you. Click on the link and download the file. Go to downloads and click the file you downloaded. Extract the file and click on the firmware update file. It will start updating the firmware. Wait till it is finished. For more information on any of the listed issues, get in touch with us.

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  • Not able to connect to wifi even after showing a successful connection.

If you are facing any of the issues or even not mentioned in the list, our technicians can help you solve the issue. You can contact us via two methods, use the chat window or call us on the given toll free number. If we are not online, then leave a message we will be in touch with you.